Learning Report: An Educational Analysis of an Online Course in Adobe Flash


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This web site is an analysis of an on-line course for Beginning Multimedia using Adobe Flash. It is the capstone project for Dale R. Rogers. This capstone project is the culmination of a two year graduate program awarding a M.Ed in eLearning from Jones International University. This report is intended to illustrate the design and educational theory that went into the making of the online course. The author looks at each academic component of the core graduate program and shows where each concept is demonstrated in the course project. The goal of the analysis is to illustrate how sound educational theory and practice can be incorporated into a practical working online curriculum. Each evaluation criteria, as defined in the graduate project grading rubric, will be presented along with the project elements that satisfy that criteria. It is the author's opinion that a good education can be had in a totally online environment. This project showcases an example of an online course that meets specific educational design criteria. It is the author's hope that it can be used as a point of reference for other educators and learners.

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